Best Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach or Diarrhea

If you are in a rush and want to skip to our number one choice for sensitive stomach cat food check out Purina Beyond Grain-Free, Natural, Adult Wet Cat Food

Having your cat experience stomach issues is not fun for anyone.

Cats with sensitive stomachs and diarrhea should not eat just any food, that might make the situation worse.

I noticed that the many food options out there, often make new cat owners quite confused and worried about what to choose. This review article will help you choose the best wet food for your kitten’s or older cat’s delicate stomach.

To be specific, you will learn:

  • The benefits of wet foods for cats with sensitive stomachs or diarrhea.
  • Things to look for which differentiates sensitive stomach cat food
  • The best way to use wet cat food for sensitive stomachs
  • Precautions to take when feeding sensitive stomach cat food
  • How to choose the best wet cat food for sensitive stomachs or diarrhea

Perhaps you would prefer to go straight to the products we reviewed. If so, you can check them out below.

Why Use Wet Foods In Cats With Sensitive Stomachs or Diarrhea?

In the past, Veterinarians thought that if your cat had diarrhea it was better to withhold food to ‘rest the stomach.’

That is no longer the opinion of most vets. On the contrary, they now agree that your kitty’s bowel needs good nutrition to heal itself.

Even worse, we now know that keeping your cat away from food at every sign of diarrhea can cause hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver disease. I’m sure no one wants that.

Wet food is useful in treating diarrhea as it contains a good level of water which aids digestion and also prevents dehydration. You wouldn’t want your furball snacking only on dry food with a sensitive stomach. You can serve both but it is advisable to provide more wet foods.

If your cat is suffering from diarrhea, you may want to stir in one or two spoons of warm water to ensure your furry friend is well hydrated.

In the following entertaining video, cat expert Jason Galaxy explains why wet food is the best choice, not only for cats with sensitive stomachs but for all cats.

What to look for in cat foods for sensitive stomachs

Any good food for cats with a sensitive stomach should not contain artificial ingredients, as they may become allergens. Watch out for ingredients like by-product meals, grains, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.

Another thing to look for is the nutrient content. Stay away from foods that contain high levels of fat. The liver of cats is not designed for the “heavy-duty work” required to digest many fats. Rather look for foods with more carbohydrates that are easier to digest.

beautiful cat with corn

Best ways to serve food for cats with sensitive stomachs

Prefer products with limited ingredients

We should not forget that cat foods contain several ingredients, any of which may be the cause of diarrhea.

Especially if your cat has a sensitive stomach, it is important to note down the ingredients and your cat’s reaction to them. With time, you’ll have a clear idea of which specific ingredient could be causing the issue to your cat. For example, you may find that she has allergies to a certain ingredient so that you can simply avoid any food that contains it.

For this reason, it is generally recommended to pick foods with a limited ingredient list. It is less likely to contain allergens, and it makes your job easier when searching for culprits.

Switch Gradually

Vets recommend changing your cat’s diet gradually rather than suddenly. This is true for all cats and more so for those with sensitive stomachs.

Start by serving more of the old food and less of the new and progress to serving more of the new and less of the old for one week.

Small Quantities

You would also want to serve your cat’s food in smaller quantities for easy digestion.

Generally, cats eat very fast and fill their belly up. This is a common cause of indigestion and stomach issues among cats. For this reason, it is recommended to reduce the portion size. You may even encourage them to slow down their eating habit by introducing a slow-feed cat bowl.

Feeding small quantities also ensures that your kitty can eat in “one sitting”. This will help to avoid contamination. If the food stays out in her bowl for too long, it could indeed get contaminated, potentially hurting your cat even more.

Reduce Outdoors Exposure

As we discussed in-depth in this article, when cats go outside, it’s difficult to monitor what they do, where they go, and what they eat. Outdoors, cats are more likely to get infected by parasites or ingest other harmful substances.

If you tried everything but your cat is still sick and going outside, you should consider keeping her inside and see if the situation gets better.

Cat spending time outdoors

Good Hygiene

Some people often tend to forget that stomach issues may also derive from a lack of hygiene in the house. Remember to keep your cat’s food bowl, water bowl, and general living space in clean conditions. 

Gross but we have to mention it. Occasionally, some excrements may accidentally get on your kitty’s fur. Especially if she’s having stomach issues, make sure to check those and remove them before serving food.

Always check the food when serving it

Another precaution to take is making sure the food does not contain any foreign material. In a few situations, I found plastic substances in some foods, likely due to errors in packaging.

Monitor your cat’s reactions

Monitor the reactions of your cat during and after the meal to pick up cues of possible discomfort with the food.

Consider Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplements

Prebiotics and Probiotics are essential components of a healthy digesting system. It is possible that your cat is experiencing stomach issues due to a lack of these elements. It is best to check with your Vet about which supplement to use for your cat’s specific situation; older cats that vomit may have very different requirements from young kittens.

How to choose the best cat food for sensitive stomach or diarrhea

The most important criteria to choose a new food for your cat suffering from sensitive stomachs or diarrhea is your cat’s previous experience.

  • Did your cat react badly to a specific ingredient in the past?
  • Are they usually healthy when eating the food of a particular brand?
  • Did your cat’s coat look better when eating some food?
  • What foods did your vet recommend for your cat?

In addition to those questions, you can rely on ratings on marketplaces like Amazon or Chewy, where a lot of other cat lovers leave reviews about their experiences with different products.

Without any doubt, money can also be an important factor when considering a recurring expense like cat food. But let’s not forget that our cat’s health should be our main concern. Also financially, if your cat gets seriously sick, it might end up costing you more than high-quality food.

The Best Wet Sensitive Stomach Cat Food

Purina Beyond Grain-Free, Natural, Adult Wet Cat Food

Purina Beyond Grain-Free

This natural pate wet food from Purina Beyond is a real “cat-charmer.”

There are over over 20 different versions of this product, each with different ingredients to meet your cat’s taste.

Our favorite version is this one, made with farm-raised chicken and wholesome vegetables, this wet cat food will support your cat’s muscles. It comes in different size packages, all of which carry the non-GMO project verified seal.

Main ingredient is real chickenSmell may be unpleasant to some
Contains wholesome vegetables 
Cans are easy to open 
No artificial preservatives 
Grain-free and gluten-free 
Non-GMO verified 

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Kitten Pate Wet Cat Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness  Wet Food

The Blue Wilderness grain-free cat food contains a lot of the chicken that cats enjoy and that supports the growth of healthy muscles.

This high-protein food is smooth in texture to keep your feline friend wanting more. Blue Buffalo Wilderness contains the finest natural ingredients, boosted with vitamins and minerals.

The only downside is that some people who purchased the product on Amazon reported not receiving the right package. That of course, might just be a problem with shipping. And fortunately, Amazon is always happy to refund products that are shipped incorrectly.

Price/quality ratio is fairFulfilled order may differ from real order
Supports hair growth for kittensCans may be labeled incorrectly
Solves odor issues in litter box 
No poultry by-product meals, grain or artificial preservatives 
Offers complete nutrition 
Tops all other natural brands in effect 

Hill’s Science Diet Wet Cat Food, Sensitive Stomach & Skin, Chicken & Vegetable Recipe

Hill's Science Diet Wet Cat Food

This wet cat food from Hill’s science is formulated for optimal digestive and skin health. The natural fibers make the food easy to digest and help your cat produce well-formed stool.

Made in the USA, this diet food supports healthy fur and skin as it contains omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E. The only downside is that the price is a little on the high side.

Easy to digestPrice is a bit on the high side
Stool formed is easy to cleanSome cats may develop allergic reaction
Supports healthy fur and skin 
Recommended by Veterinarians 
Made in the USA 

Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult Wet Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult Wet Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan wet cat food is a product of grain-free formulation and highly digestible natural ingredients, containing high-quality protein sources (including fish).

This Classic Arctic Char Entree Adult Wet Cat Food helps promote healthy coat and skin for your furry friend.

High-quality protein sourcesPrice on the high end
No fish or poultry by-product meals 
Free of grain 
High digestibility 
Promotes healthy coat and skin 
Highly-rated globally 

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Digest Sensitive Thin Slices in Gravy Canned Cat Food

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Digest Sensitive Thin Slices in Gravy Wet Cat Food

If your furry friend is one year or older and has a sensitive stomach, the Royal Canin digest sensitive wet cat food is a good choice.

It contains an accurately balanced mix of vitamins and minerals to provide optimal health and wellness for your kitty. It will also help your cat maintain her ideal weight.

Decreases stool odorPrice is on the high side
Nutrients easily absorbed 
Complements dry version perfectly 
Maintains ideal weight 
Great ratings 

And The Winner Is…

After going through the five best wet cat foods for cats with sensitive stomachs or diarrhea, I can conclude that if your goal is to control diarrhea in your furry friend, the Purina Beyond Grain-Free, Natural, Adult Wet Cat Food is our best choice.

Compared to other wet cat foods for sensitive stomachs, it is the only one that carries the non-GMO project verified seal and it is also the best-rated. Besides, it is also more affordable than other wet cat foods out there. That means your feline gets to develop lean, strong muscles while improving its digestive health.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that it will help your feline friends keep things in order at the ‘stomach level.’  


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