Tactics to Keep Cats Out of Houseplants

Many of us like to grow plants inside our homes because of the aesthetic look they provide in addition to the fact that they produce oxygen. The task should be simple but it becomes a challenge to pet owners who keep cats because these furry little fellas have their own interests when it comes to houseplants. They like to play with our houseplants or use them as litter boxes.

As a result, we need to find ways to keep our plants safe from the little paws and teeth of kitties, and we will discuss a few of such tactics below:

Cat-proof Your Houseplants 

Strong smells repel cats. You can cat-proof any houseplant that does not have a naturally strong smell by sprinkling cayenne pepper around the leaves, making the smell “bad” for cats. Another way to cat-proof your houseplants is to put orange and lemon peels inside your pots to deter your cats. They hate the smell of citrus. You may also spray your houseplants with diluted orange or lemon juice. They shouldn’t do any damage to your plants when diluted. 

Growing Houseplants That Cats Naturally Avoid 

There are certain plants that are not necessarily harmful to your pet but they won’t dare go near them. 

  • Rosemary: One of such plants is Rosemary. This plant has a strong aroma and provides you with fresh sprigs for cooking while also making your house smell great.
  • Roses: Your cat may try to touch a rose once but he most likely won’t try a second time because of the thorns that cover the body. 
  • Scaredy cat plant: Another plant that cats don’t mess with is the scaredy cat plant. This is also due to the strong smell they give off which will always keep your furry friend away.

Make Your Houseplants Inaccessible

This may sometimes be difficult when you have a really adventurous cat but it can be done. Understanding your cats and their abilities will help to know where and how high you need to place your houseplants.

Train Your Cats To Leave Your Houseplants Alone

Cats are intelligent like dogs, and you can train them to keep away from your houseplants. However, it takes time, consistency, and patience.

In conclusion, always get your Vet’s advice on the type of houseplants you can keep with your cat in the house and find what methods work for you. 

If you’re not convinced that it’s possible to keep your cat away from houseplants, I highly recommend checking out this video of Nick Pileggi, a houseplant expert who also happens to be a cat lover.

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