Cat Tail Language 101

“Understanding is the basis of Love” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Communication is essential in any relationship.

As a new cat owner, if you’re not able to understand what your cat is trying to communicate, it might be difficult to establish a good relationship and ensure that your beloved cat is happy.

For example, knowing that your cat is scared can make the difference between your face getting scratched and helping your cat relax.

There are many subtleties in a cat’s body language, they communicate with their eyes, facial expressions, and body posture. The movement and position of a cat’s tail play a very important part in a cat’s body language. For this reason, we created a simple chart showing some of the most important tales that your cat is trying to tell you with her tail.

Of course, this chart is only to be utilized as a rough starting guide to begin understanding your cat. Even though most of these signs are consistent through most cats, some may communicate in slightly different ways.

As you pay more attention and learn to understand your cat’s emotion you may find many more ways in which she communicates with you.

Once you start to understand her, it will be a lot easier to create a happy and pleasant home environment for you and your cat.

Cat Tail Language Chart

Cat Tail Language Chart

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