Best Cat Nail Caps – Excellent Alternative to Declawing

If you are in a rush and want to skip ahead to our number one choice for cat nail caps look no further than VICTHY cat nail caps, if you want to learn more about all the best options, read on!


Cats love to scratch stuff. In the wild, they are able to enjoy themselves and scratch anything they come across. But when it comes to the indoors, it’s a whole other affair. Kitty’s claws can cause damage to furniture, door frames, or even your legs or children. That’s where cat claw caps can come to the rescue.

After checking many different types of claw covers, we selected the best five we could find, which we’ll review in detail In this article;

But first, let’s start with some basics

What Are Cat Nail Caps?

Cat nail covers, also known as cat claw caps or claw covers, are tiny plastic pieces you glue onto your cat’s claws. While that may sound cruel, claw covers are usually used as a less dramatic alternative to declawing, which is a much more cruel practice.

Claw covers allow cats to comfortably flex and stretch their claws and also to maintain their natural scratching behaviors without causing harm to furniture or your body. 

Cat nail caps are inexpensive and last between 4 – 6 weeks. Indeed they usually start to wear off as your cat’s nails start growing, These covers are available in a range of sizes and colors to suit individual tastes and make your cat look like a diva.

cat nail caps

Why Would You Use Cat Claw Caps?

Excellent Alternative to Declawing.

There’s a lot of controversy around the declawing of cats. 

While 25% of cats in the US are declawed, this practice is extremely inhumane and causes a lot of suffering to our (supposedly) beloved furry friends. It also causes many other unwanted behaviors such as increased biting and decreased use of litter box (because it hurts them to enter it).

Many cat parents who were considering declawing their cat were extremely happy to find nail covers because they provide a much more humane alternative.

In other words, while gluing caps to your cat’s nails may not be ideal, it is a much more ethical and safer option than declawing.

Protect Furniture and Body from Cat’s Claws.

Some cat owners train their cats to use cat trees with scratching posts as alternatives to furniture and door frames, and this is the recommended way to go about it.

However, nail covers are an excellent “last resort” to kitties that cannot be trained to use scratching pads. Cat nail caps allow them to practice their clawing hobby with no damage to stuff.

What Are the Cons of Using Claw Caps on Kitty?

Like any new product we try out for our pets, there are potential downsides to nail caps.

Here are some:

Not usable for outdoor cats

Nail covers make outdoor cats defenseless. A cat with nail caps won’t be able to protect itself from other animals making it a major concern to pet owners. If your cat goes outdoors, you absolutely do not want to use claw caps on her.

cat climbing and scratching tree

Can cause discomfort if not properly applied.

Applying the covers correctly is a learning curve. Yet, if the caps are wrongly glued to the nails, it could lead to a restless kitty. Besides, some pets don’t like foreign objects on their body and may not be receptive to these covers.

When Should I Not Use Cat Nail Caps?

Are you ready to get cat nail caps for kitty dearest? Not so fast. 

Cat claw covers may seem like the ideal solution for your kitty, but they are not suitable for everyone.

You should probably pass on claw coversif any of these apply to you:

  • Your pet is an outdoor cat.
  • You don’t have time to maintain kitty’s nails and do regular cap replacement
  • Your cat doesn’t like the caps. It may be better to explore options like scratching posts and training

Some Myths About Cat Nail Caps

The Claws Can’t Retract with Covers On.

Most people believe that when a cat retracts its nails, they go up in the paw themselves. This couldn’t be far from the truth. 

The nails only come off the ground meaning they don’t touch the surface as the kitty walks. Nail caps thus allow the paws and nails to make all the same natural movements they do without the covers

Ensure you apply the correct size cap for your cat’s claws. It allows them to comfortably extend and retract their nails.

Claw Caps Cause Damage to The Nail

Nail caps have kitty’s best interest in mind. They are soft and non-toxic. The caps should not cause damage or discomfort to kitty’s paws or nail beds if correctly applied.

Nail Caps Don’t Last Long

This is far from the truth. 

Of course, the first few applications of the nail caps will draw kitty’s attention. You might see them biting or picking as they familiarize themselves with the caps. 

Expect the covers to last long on your feline’s claw once they get used to it

Try positive reinforcement with games, snuggles, and treats. It will help distract them from picking at the nail caps.

Claw Caps Are A Permanent Solution to Nail Care

Cat nail caps do not stop the natural growth of nails. They will still grow at a normal rate, sometimes more than is comfortable. That’s why it’s recommended that they should only stay on the nails for up to 6 to 8 weeks before you remove them or they fall off. 

Usually, clipping the cap’s tip loosens it on the nail and then the remaining part of the nail cap easily falls off. 

You should trim and clean the nails before applying a new set of nail caps. Sticking to this process maintains the length and health of your cat’s nails. This is an article we wrote on the best cat nail clippers and how to trim your cat’s nails.

How Do You Make Sure You Are Properly Using Nail Caps?

  • Go for the most comfortable fit and shape. 
  • Use enough glue to keep the caps in place. Ensure it doesn’t overflow.
  • Trim the nail slightly longer than a normal trim to protect the nail bed and surrounding skin.
  • This is a great video where a vet shows you in detail how to apply nail caps to your cat.

Best Cat Claw Caps Reviews

VICTHY Cat Nail Caps

VICTHY Cat Nail Caps

Made from natural vinyl resin material. 

Comfortable enough not to interfere with Kitty’s normal behavior

This product is non-toxic and has European UNITASGS certification. The glue, specially made for pet nail caps, has passed the EU MSDS test.

The cat nail caps offer a wide range of sizes from XS to L. Pick the best fit for your feline friend. 

The package comes with 140 cat nail tips, 7 adhesive glues, and applicators. Available in 14 different colors.

The nail caps last 2 to 6 weeks according to the manufacturer. They recommend using the claw covers in spring when pets enter oestrus and begin to get grumpy.

VICTHY supports replacement or 100% refund in case the covers don’t fit or have other issues.

Pros Cons
Great value for moneySizes are sometimes too large
Wide variety of colors
Tough for cats to chew off
Non-toxic and adhesive.

Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cat

Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cat

Arguably the most well-known manufacturer for nail caps.

Made from non-toxic material that is safe if swallowed.

Uses the CLS (Cleat Lock System) technology which results in a durable and better fitting nail cap.

This feline take-home kit includes 40 nail covers, 6 adhesives, 6 applicator tips. Instructions included.

These caps don’t interfere with the pet’s normal behavior and last 4 to 6 weeks according to the manufacturer.

Soft Claws recommend medium nail caps for most adult average-size cats. 

Available in 4 colors – red, blue, green, pink

Pros Cons
Durable non-toxic vinylSizes can run somewhat small
Comfortable to wear
Reputable Company

YMCCOOL Nail Caps for Cats

YMCCOOL Nail Caps for Cats

Made from safe and comfortable natural vinyl resin material.

The package contains 100 cat nail caps, 5 glue adhesive, and 5 applicators.

The sizes available are XS, S, M, and L.

There are 10 different colors to cater to varying tastes.

The adhesive glue is safe and non-toxic. It has passed the Europe MSDS have passed the Europe MSDS certification.

The company supports replacement or 100% refund in case of any problem.

Pros Cons
ComfortableEasily comes off after a short period of use
Comes with instructions
Safe and non-toxic

Zetpo Soft Cat Caps

Zetpo Soft Cat Caps

Available in 5 colors – Purple, violet, blue, sky blue, and turquoise.

The size available are XS, S, M, and L

The packaging contains 100 cat nail caps, 5 adhesive glues, and 5 applicators.

Zetpo promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They offer customer support as well as replacement and refunds in case of any issue. Simply contact them.

Pros Cons
Enough covers to last a whileAdhesive bottles can clog up if not used carefully
Excellent customer service

Kitty Caps Nail Cats

Kitty Caps Nail Caps For Cats

Made from safe, non-toxic natural vinyl material that’s comfortable for all cats. 

Kitty cat nail caps are easy to apply and are ideal for kittens too.

The caps are durable and last for about 4 to 8 weeks as stated by the company.

You can find them in XS, S, M, and L sizes.

Available to buy in 2 colors – hot purple, and hot pink – so you change it up on your second application.

Pros Cons
Easy to applyNot many colors to choose from
Ideal for kittens
Safe and non-toxic


We can’t overlook the benefits of cat nail caps.  They are a relief to pet parents who want to prevent their cats from scratching valuables. 

The cap that stood out for me in the cat claw caps reviews was VICTHY Cat Nail Caps. These nail covers give you the greatest value considering their price. 

It comes with 140 nail tips that last up to 6 weeks after each application. That should be enough to last you a long time. 

The product has also undergone all the necessary certification to ensure it’s safe for Kitty. 

These nail caps are available in 14 colors offering more variety than all the other brands. It allows you to experiment with all the colors until you learn Kitty’s favorite. 

If that isn’t exciting, I don’t know what is!

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