Best Cat Litter Non Tracking Cat Litter – Full Guide with Bonus Tips on Preventing Tracking

If you are in a rush and want to skip ahead to our number one choice for non-tracking cat litter, look no further than Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Cat Litter

Cats are clean freaks! They spend a significant chunk of their day grooming themselves. Even the most obsessed human doesn’t take that long.

If only they were as considerate of their litter box as they are of themselves…

Despite their obsession with cleanliness, a lot of cats end up making a mess in the house. Sometimes I wonder if my kittens are competing in spreading litter as far away from the litter box as possible.

To alleviate this issue, some people choose to buy a top entry litter box, an extra large litter box, or a cat litter vacuum. Others simply look for cat litter that doesn’t track, which is specifically designed to limit the spreading of litter around your house by not sticking to your cat’s paws.

In this article we’ll review the following products:

Why Choose Non Tracking Cat Litter?

Valid question. Let’s see some of the reasons why a good litter should be a pet parent’s second priority –your kitty being the first of course!

Maintain Cleanliness

Tracking is when cats carry litter stuck in their paws around the house and spread it all over the floor. It can make your house look like a mess and force you to clean up after your beloved daily. Therefore, cat litter that doesn’t stick to paws will tend to have much lower tracking around your house, so that both you and your cat can enjoy the pleasant feeling of cleanliness 🙂

Word of caution: don’t be fooled by products that promise to completely eliminate tracking.
There’s always going to be that one stubborn clingy particle that wants to explore life outside the box. Some cats even enjoy digging and spreading the litter around. In that case, a low-tracking litter may not help you that much, as that is perhaps a different issue to deal with.

Your safest bet, in that case, is placing a carpet or rag around the litter box. A litter mat or a top entry litter box may do the trick too. The mat helps to trap the litter after your cat leaves the box, while a top entry litter box makes it almost impossible for a cat to kick out litter.

Cat cleaning himself and grooming

Make your cat more comfortable

Your hygienic pet friend finds it uncomfortable walking around with litter stuck on its precious paws. Imagine if every time you went to the bathroom you’d collect some tiny stones in your shoes… Ouch!

Using a low tracking cat litter makes it less likely for the granules to be stuck. Thus freeing your cat from that discomfort.


This might seem irrelevant at first, but think about it.

If your litter is tracking around the house every single day, over your cat’s lifetime (365 * 15 = 5,475) a huge amount of litter will be wasted.

Using litter that does not track may not make a huge difference in the short term, but over time the savings will accumulate.

Easy Litter Scooping

Non-tracking cat litter tends to be easier to clean and scoop up. Win-win situation!
After all, there’s no need to make it more strenuous than it has to be.

scooping cat litter

Key Considerations Choosing Non Tracking Litter

Clumping vs Non-Clumping

Both clumping and non-clumping cat litter can be tracked.

Clumping litters are primarily made up of Sodium Bentonite that clumps together when in contact with moisture. It also binds the moisture within this clump making it easier to scoop.

The non-clumping variety is made of Calcium Benzoate, a type of clay. It absorbs fluid approximately its weight before reaching saturation, upon which the box should be emptied and filled with new litter.

Clumping litters absorb more waste and require less frequent cleaning. With that said, don’t allow its absorbent properties blind you into ignoring other important factors.

Granule Shape and Size

Nothing irks our feline buddies more than dealing with stuff stuck in their paws.

I’d say it’s probably as annoying as having pieces of meat stuck in between your teeth. It could even be worse, considering how tidy these creatures are!

Look for large granules as they are less likely to stick. The cat may also notice the big particles and shake them off.

The shape is also important. Granules that are pointed or look like hooks are more likely to stick to your kitty’s body.

Low Dust

Your litter can be the best non-tracker in town but still rank as the worst offender when it comes to litter dust.

You could find yourself cleaning up particles in the nooks and crannies of your home, not to mention the constant ‘aaachoos’ and other allergic reactions.

I prefer my litter to be both non-tracking and dust-free. Best of both worlds!


Don’t make your pet friend avoid its box in your ambitions to have the best non tracking cat litter.

Mild is the word! Better yet, go for unscented.

Scented cat litters may sometimes turn off your cat from the litter box, creating a whole new set of issues. Other scented litters can be nauseating for humans.

For these reasons, it’s safer to opt for cat litter that masks and absorbs odors without having a strong smell. Most importantly, make sure your cat likes your choice if you opt for scented ones.

Cat covering from scent of litter

Cat Preference

Last but not least, does Kitty like it?

Your cat’s approval is very important. Otherwise, it’s a waste of money.

Keep in mind that your pet friend will take the business elsewhere if she doesn’t like the litter you chose. You wouldn’t be pleased to find a pile of mess on your beautiful rug, would you?

Precautions for Kittens

Kittens learn and explore with their mouth, just like human babies. This means that extra precautions should be taken while choosing their litter.

Clumping litter should not be provided to kitten below three months. If ingested, it may pose a serious health risk. Also, keep off products that contain fragrances and harsh chemicals.

kitten pooping on non-clumping litter

The Best Non-Tracking Cat Litter Brands

Want to find out some of the best picks for cat litter that doesn’t track? Read on to find out more.

Purina Yesterday’s News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter

Purina Yesterday's News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter

This is a non-clumping cat litter with nature in mind. It’s crafted from recycled paper that absorbs three times as much moisture as clay-based litter. You no longer have to worry about dampness at the bottom of the tray.

Yesterday’s news features soft granules that are gentle on the paws. It is chemical-free and nontoxic.

What’s more, it doesn’t contain any additives or scents, making it the purrfect hypoallergenic for your sensitive pet friend.

Have multiple cats? I feel that this product would be the best option for your multi-cat family.

Pros Cons 
✔️ Large pellets won’t cling to your pet’s pawsGranules may not fall through all litter scoops.
99.9% dust-freeNon-clumping – May require more effort to clean
✔️ Biodegradable and environment friendly
✔️ Paper pellets allow for triple the absorption, keeping the litter box dry and clean
✔️ Unscented, chemical-free and non-toxic
✔️ Recommended for kittens

Fresh Step Clean Paws Unscented Low Tracking Clumping Cat Litter

Fresh Step Clean Paws Unscented Low Tracking Clumping Cat Litter

Fresh Step cat litter, as the name suggests, is designed to keep the litter box as crisp as possible. It’s truly friendly to your cat’s paws.

This litter is made from larger high-quality clay particles that help keep litter in the box, maintaining the neatness of your home.

Litter boxes are bound to stink if left unchecked. What I like most about Fresh Step is its tough odor-eliminating formula that keeps the room smelling fresh. Guess what! It’s also unscented. Your sensitive cat won’t have a hard time conducting its business in the litter box.

Although the promises ten-day odor control before litter change, I would still stick with a daily cleaning schedule. We all know how picky our cats are with cleanliness, no reason to upset them.

Free from chemical and dye additives Not flushable
Ten-day odor control guaranteedDust control could be better.
Low tracking litterClumps may stick at the bottom of the litter box
✔️ Clumping formula makes cleaning fast and easy.
Prevents bacterial, thanks to its Ammonia Block technology 

Rufus & Coco WeeKitty Natural Flushable Clumping Cat Litter

Rufus & Coco WeeKitty Natural Flushable Clumping Cat Litter

Drumrolls please!

Introducing… the 2017 Hot Diggity Award Winner, Rufus & Coco WeeKitty cat litter.

It’s designed to be extra absorbent, holding up to four times its weight in liquid. This reduces the amount of litter you use at a time. WeeKitty litter is six times more absorbent than paper and four times more than wood.

This litter has impressive odor absorption capabilities. It works fast to mask urine smell. Also, its pellets are shaped in a way to prevent tracking.

There’s more. The product is environmentally friendly, being made from 100% biodegradable corn.

Pros Cons
✔️ Flushable, even with septic tanks Can be quite dusty.
Mulchable and low-tracking litterScented. The smell could be uncomfortable for allergic kitties.
Made from biodegradable corn
Excellent odor control
Super absorbent and lightweight
Easy to clean
Packaged in a resealable bag to maintain freshness.
One bag could last up to eight weeks for one cat.
Clumping technology. Once soiled, the litter forms clumps you can easily scoop

Fresh Step Crystals Scented Premium Cat Litter

Fresh Step Crystals Scented Premium Cat Litter

Another product from the Fresh Step world!

This time, it comes in the form of crystals in an 8lb bag.
This product is designed to keep your home clean and smelling fresh with less work and less litter.

According to Fresh Steps, it locks in odor five times better than other leading clay litter. How great is that!

The lightweight cat litter crystals are easier to scoop, carry, and dispose of in the bin.

Fresh Step Crystals litter is available in a broad spectrum of scents. You can choose anything from subtle to the highly scented. Just make sure your cat approves of your choice.

✔️ Impressive odor control. Ammonia Block technology guarantees 30 days of pleasant smell Scented. Might be uncomfortable for allergic cats and pet parents.
High moisture absorbency. The dust control could be better
✔️The 8lb bag lasts up to one month for a single catA sludge may form and stick to the litter box if the crystals aren’t regularly stirred
Ultra lightweight. The 8lb bag of crystals serves the same purpose as a 28lb bag of clumping cat litter.
Inhibits bacterial growth
Unused crystal cat litter sifts easily through the scooper

PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Non Clumping Cat Litter

PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Non Clumping Cat Litter

Yet another crystal litter, this time from PetSafe. This product comes in a solid packaging of two bags and is compatible with a variety of litter boxes.

Who said litter has to be dull and plain-looking? ScoopFree premium cat litter has a lavender color and scent attributed to calmness and wellness. You could say, it might help kitty do its litter business ‘calmly’. No pun intended.

The beautiful crystal pellets absorb moisture on contact and work to quickly eliminate odors as opposed to masking them. It also has low tracking compared to other clay clumping litter.

✔️ Very absorbent. The granules quickly suck in urine and dry out solid waste. Requires constant stirring to prevent clumps from sticking to the box.
✔️ 99.9% dust-freeLavender smell may be unpleasant to sensitive cats and pet parents.
✔️ Convenient portions. Has two 4.5lb pre-portioned bags ready for use.
✔️ Superlight, making it easy to carry and dispose.


Now, you might be wondering: Are crystals a worthy choice? Or maybe I should keep it old-school with the clay clumping ones? Well, fishing for the right litter in a sea of infinite products and information can be draining.

What stood out for me was the Purina Yesterday’s News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter. It’s environmentally friendly since it’s made from recycled paper, an excellent non-tracking litter, and a hypoallergenic. And the best part…Its non-clumping attribute makes it safe for your kitty. Convenience at its best.

Remember, always go for a product that suits you, and most importantly, your precious cat.

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