Best Slow Feeder Cat Bowls + Benefits Of Slow Feeders

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Cats are born hunters.

Housecats, though, have it handed to them in a silver platter like true royals. This is usually not healthy for them, as they tend to devour food as fast as they can, causing indigestion and bloating.

So, how do you keep your cat’s feline instincts alive, while helping her slow down their eating habits?

Slow feeder cat bowls! These are special feeding cat bowls that provide a fun way to make Kitty work for her food. They are also known anti-vomiting cat bowls, as they prevent your cat from eating food too quickly, which sometimes can lead to vomiting.

In this article we’ll review the following products:

How to Choose the Best Slow Feeder Cat Bowl For Kitty

Cat slow feeders are a great invention!

They help our cats eat in a healthier way while stimulating their natural hunting behavior.

Image of a cat, in a ready-to-hunt position

You must have seen your cat hopping around trying to get hold of insects as they fly by, or cheerfully playing with toys. Well guess what, this habit can be cultivated outside of playtime, and using slow feeders is one way to do so.

There are many options available in the market. Some factors to consider when picking one include:

Type of Food 

What does your cat prefer to eat? Kibble, wet food, or both? The majority of the slow feeder bowls can only be used with kibble. There are, however, multi-feeder options available for both wet and dry food.

Size and Food Capacity

Do you have many cats? Then you might want to go for a large slow-feed cat bowl. I mean, you don’t want to see your loved ones scramble and wrestle to fit around a small bowl.

You will also have to take into account the food capacity of the feeder in proportion to your cat family.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Most feeders come with a dishwashing option, but some do require hand wash. I prefer dishwasher-safe feeders to make my cleaning a little easy.


Most cat feeders are made of plastic. Ensure your product is made from high-quality, food-safe thermoplastic polymers and organic synthetic compounds. Other materials used can include rubber, ceramic, and stainless steel.


There’s no way I could highlight all the designs features available for cat slow feeders. There are mats, bowls, foraging cat feeders, and many other innovative games and interactive designs. The design you choose would depend on your cats’ characteristics and personalities.

Are they active and inquisitive? May I suggest a puzzle feeder to keep them intrigued?
A cat with limited mobility will do well with a mat or bowl design.

Image of a Trixie Activity Board
Image of a Trixie Activity Fun Board

Five Benefits of Using a Slow Feeder Cat Bowl

Cats are binge eaters if left unchecked.

This would mean constant trips to the vet to address indigestion and boats. Another problem is a common syndrome known as “scarf and barf”. This happens when a cat quickly gobbles food, causing the body to reject the food, which is then vomited.

Using a slow feeder can help prevent such cases. 

1. Minimized Vomiting

Slow cat feeders increase a cat’s feeding time, reducing or preventing vomiting for healthier, happier kitties. No wonder they’re also known as anti-vomiting cat bowls.

2. Promotes Healthy Digestion

Longer feeding durations for your feline friend translate to healthy digestion. This, in turn, reduces bloating and ensures that nutrients are absorbed effectively into the system.

3. Provides Mental Stimulation

Cats are interactive creatures.

Improve their skills by getting them a slow feeder bowl with games and they will learn to work for their meal.

Nothing brings joy like seeing a cat find its way around a challenge.
It may also help with those moments when your pet becomes sluggish, like the summer or winter months.

4. Cats May Feel Fuller Faster (regulate weight)

Slow feeder cat bowls help in weight management and prevent obesity as cats are less likely to overeat.

Very fat cat laying on a couch

5. Keeps the Cats Active

Slow feeders can also be a fun source by making eating interesting and reducing boredom, especially for indoor cats.

Is There Anything I Should Watch Out For?

It’s important not to rush while buying a slow feeder cat bowl as many considerations have to be made.

Also, don’t force your cat into using the slow feeder bowl. They will end up loathing the item faster than you can convince them it’s a good thing. Instead, let them acquaint themselves with the cat bowl over time.

I find that cats warm up to things that humans like. Try fiddling a little with the feeder, and your pet friend is sure to come and take a look.

Finally, ensure that the slow feeder cat bowl you buy doesn’t have any potentially dangerous bits that could cause choking. Instruction manuals offer an excellent way to better understand the items, and you’ll know if they are pet safe.

Which Are The Best Cat Slow Feeders?

In this section, we’ll look into some of the best slow feeders and cat bowls available in the market. But before that, if you’re into DIY stuff and would like to make your very own, you may want to check out the following fun video (starring Lizzy and Noah)

Trixie’s Tunnel Cat Feeder

Cats can be quite inquisitive, a probable reason behind the saying “curiosity killed the cat”.

Direct their frisky nature and energy with the aid of Trixie’s Tunnel cat feeder into something mind-stimulating. 

It has a top container that you fill with your cat’s favorite food.
All your feline friend has to do is nibble away the rewards that trickle down the six different tunnels. I find this feeder a fun way to stimulate your cat’s sense of curiosity. 

Pros ✔️Cons
A rubber base to keep it steady.Hard to use for wet food
The top container can be sealed for freshnessDisadvantageous for kitties that don’t know how to use their paws to move food.
Can be used as a daily feeder 
Easy to clean and also dishwasher safe 
Can be used by multiple pets 


Check price on Amazon

Catit Senses 2.0 Digger Interactive Cat Toy

The Catit 2.0 Digger Cat Toy provides a fun way of keeping your cat alert and sharp. It allows your pet to dig out food at a healthier pace and stimulate their mind while doing so. I see it as a smart and exciting way to channel your cat’s hunting spirit! 

The Catit 2.0 consists of specially designed tubes that drive a cat’s instincts to paw out smaller portions of food.

The main drawback of this interactive cat feeder is that some cats easily figure out that they can cheat by tumbling the tubes (and the food) to the floor. Some people fixed this by gluing the tubes, which made the washing more burdensome.

Pros ✔️Cons
Rubber mat to secure the cat bowlNot suitable for wet foods and treats
Easy to disassemble and clean.Hand wash only
Three short, tubes and two long ones to adjust difficulty levels Easy to cheat
Sloped surface that collects kibble and prevents spillage 
Bisphenol A (BPA) free 


Check price on Amazon

CATCH Interactive Feeder

If you haven’t tried out an enticing mat-type, cat puzzle feeder, then here’s your chance.

This feeder is modeled like a grass patch with perfectly sized spikes that encourage your pet to forage for its meal.

Whenever cats lack mental stimulation, they easily get bored. I know first-hand the damage an idle cat can do: ripped furniture, toilet paper all over the floor.

As the name suggests, this feeder provides a healthy distraction for your pet friend. The cat will enjoy pushing the food out between its many ‘blades’ of grass.

Pros ✔️Cons
Ideal for pets on a restricted calorie dietThere is no rubber on the bottom for grip and may slide when placed on the carpet.
Suitable for both wet and dry food 
Dishwasher safe – top rack 
Bisphenol (BPA) and Phthalate free 
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use 
Available in a variety of sizes. The large feeder can be used by multiple cats at a time 


Check Price on Amazon

Pioneer Pet SmartCat Tiger Diner Cat Feeder

This is another great option to keep your cat active while eating and to help him/her slow down their feeding.

This model comes in two main varieties. One is made out of lead-free, non-toxic porcelain, while the other (a bit cheaper) is made of BPA-free plastic.

I tend to prefer the porcelain one, as it gives me more peace of mind. For example, I can simply put it in the dishwasher.

The funnel-shaped design makes it very easy for you to put food in, while making your cats work for it. There is no way to cheat with this one. Your cat will have to patiently pick the nibbles with her paws, in a very similar movement to what cats would do to catch a mouse from a hole.

Pros ✔️Cons
Ideal for pets on a restricted-calorie diet – Impossible to cheatNot a good option for wet food
Easy to put food inSome people find it difficult to clean due to the small holes
Dishwasher safe – top rack 
Encourages cats’ natural movements 
Non-toxic, safe materials 


Check Price on Amazon

Trixie Activity Fun Board

Another great product from Trixie, a household name in Cat Slow Feeders.

The thing I love the most about the activity fun board is that it doesn’t just provide one challenge over and over.

Rather, it comes with five different activities that your cat can engage in. There is a tunnel, three “fish” bowls, two different mazes, and some holes for more liquid treats (or wet food).

You can put the food in different places and see which activities come easier and which are more challenging and fun!

This fun board is made of very sturdy plastic, though, we were not able to find if it is BPA-free or not. So it will be better to not heat it up or not put it in the dishwasher.

Overall, this is a great product that can keep your cat(s) entertained for a good amount of time every day.

Pros ✔️Cons
Ideal for cats who like different challengesUnclear Plastic Specifications
Rubber on the bottom ensures the board does not move Not sure if dishwasher safe
Option for wet food as well 
Easy to clean 
Check price on Amazon


When it comes to slow feeder cat bowls, there are a lot of options available in the market, and selecting the best feeder can be daunting. I choose to see it as a fun challenge.

My favorite is the porcelain version of the Pioneer Pet SmartCat Tiger Diner Cat Feeder

The fact that it’s not made of plastic gives me great peace of mind as it will not be harmful in any way to my kittens.

It also offers simplicity and functionality. It requires enough effort to slow down your cat and keep him active, but not as much as becoming an unpleasant chore.

In the end though, it is up to you to choose which one will be a best fit for your cat.

Let me know which is your favorite and if we missed anything from the list.

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