Best Cat Nail Grinders to Keep Your Pet’s Claws Groomed

If you are in a rush and want to skip ahead to our number one choice for cat nail grinder, look no further than Casfuy 2-Speed Nail Grinder.


Nail grooming is part of cat ownership. Our furry friends, just like their cousins in the wild, have razor-sharp claws. Looking for an alternative to traditional nail clippers or nail caps

You can invest in a cat claw grinder to keep Kitty’s nails short and blunt. Besides, you’ll avoid unwanted damage to furniture or body bruises.

In this article, we’ll review the following products:

What Is A Cat Nail Grinder?

As the name suggests, this device works very much like a grinder with sandpaper. 

They have a rotor that spins the sanding drum which you then push onto the cat’s nail as you grip on the sturdy handle. Think of it as a file with 100x more speed

Nail Grinders Vs. Nail Trimmers

Nail trimmers are in virtually any local pet store. They come in the form of pliers or scissors with a  metal base that cuts the tips of Kitty’s nails. 

The handles are either wooden, plastic, or coated in silicone-based substances.  

Cat nail trimmers are inexpensive, easy to use, and efficient. Yet, some of the products use poor quality grade metal parts or even handles. Some of the clippers also contain BPA silicone-grade handles which is a health risk to both you and your cat.

A pet nail grinder is an alternative to traditional clippers. They are ideal when your cat needs a bit of trimming or a fine touch-up. 

Besides, most pet owners and vets prefer nail grinders to trimmers.  

Advantages Of Using Cat Nail Grinders

User Friendly

It is by far the easiest grooming tool to use. 

A cat nail grinder requires no prior experience. It doesn’t matter whether you have a steady hand or not, simply turn it on and put the claws against the sanding drum.

Safer To Use

A cat nail grinder eliminates the risk of cutting near the quick. This is the nail’s pink part where your cat’s nerves and blood vessels are.

Cat Nail Anatomy - Quick

Much Better Alternative to Declawing

Declawing used to be a popular method. Over time, however, there has been a lot of controversy swirling around the declawing of cats, as it was found that declawing can be very painful and damaging to cats. 

Some link declawing to lifelong physical problems in cats. Using a nail grinder is a great, safe, alternative. With it, your cat stays healthy and your belongings intact.

Helps Cut Down Grooming Costs

A regular trim at a “cat spa” goes for about $10 – $15 per session. This may not seem like a lot but remember Kitty’s claws are typically trimmed every 10 – 14 days. That means you may have to pay up to $600 each year to groom your beloved pet. 

Sounds like a lot of money? Why not buy a cat nail grinder (or simple cat nail trimmers) once and for all.

Young cat with sharp claws

Cons Of Using A Cat Claw Grinder

Nail grinders, just like any other trimming device, have disadvantages associated with them. Here are some:

· The buzzing noise might scare some cats (that’s why we recommend silent ones)

· Not ideal for outdoor cats. Cutting their nails makes them vulnerable.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Pet Nail Grinder

Noise Level And Vibrations

Cats are such drama queens and kings. They don’t really love loud noises. 

The best pet nail grinder should be as quiet as possible. A device that falls in the 50 to 55 dB range is very ideal. Anything above 60 dB might be hard on your cat.

Like noise, vibrations can easily startle your feline friend. Go for models with anti-vibration technology that keep movement to a minimum.


Ports and protective caps provide protection for Kitty’s claws. They make it easier for you to hold the nail against the grinder without getting too close to the quick. 

The ports are of different sizes to accommodate pets with varying nail sizes. It’s really important to pick a nail grinder with several ports, as most cats will need the smallest possible port.

Pet Nail Grinder diferent port sizes

Speed Settings

Most nail grinders come with multiple speed settings. How fast or slow a grinder is will depend on its Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) rating. 

The speed determines the time it will take to finish the grooming. Ideally, a fast speed setting is for grinding, and a slower speed shapes and smoothens the nails. 

If possible, test the grinder before purchasing.

Ergonomic Design

You’ll need a grinder with a sturdy handle, not one that will slip as you trim the cat’s claws. It should be lightweight and easy to hold.


Nail grinders, like any other device, can stop functioning or break. It’s wise to go for a product backed with a warranty in case it fails.

Removable Cover/ Dust Collector

Look for brands with a cover or dust collector to catch stray nail dust and claw chips. However, if your product of choice lacks this feature it doesn’t mean it’s not a steal.

How to Use a Nail Grinder on a Cat

Cats tend to be skeptical about new objects. We recommend introducing the nail grinder days before the trimming session. This way the cat will be more comfortable and relaxed as you grind the nails. 

If it’s Kitty’s first time, grind only one or two nails and watch for their reaction. For some cats, the introduction may take months.

What steps should I take to trim Kitty?

Introduce Your Pet Young

Many vets recommend introducing the grinder to young kittens. They’ll get used to it as they grow up. 

Use Positive reinforcements

Try positive reinforcement like treats for an adult cat. This way, they learn to see the cat claw grinder as a friendly device. 

Remember, patience is key!

Determine How Much To Cut

White nails are easier to cut than black nails since you can easily identify the quick. Establish how much you can safely cut without hitting the nerves and blood vessels.

Start Slow

Switch on the grinder and let Kitty get used to the noise and vibrations

Start with one nail and see if they’ll tolerate the grinder without a fuss. Take breaks if necessary.

Grind The Claws

This requires attention. We don’t want to go anywhere near the quick. 

Some pet owners are able to finish the process in one session while others need a couple of them. It’s all about what works best for Kitty dear. 

Luckily, most brands include a guide on how to use a nail grinder on a cat. All you have to do is follow the steps.

Are Nail Grinders Safe For Cats?

Claw grinders for cats are completely safe if used correctly. But, like any other trimming tool, there’s a risk of hitting the quick. Be careful to avoid the quick, if your cat has a bad experience, it may resist further trimming, making the process even harder.

Best Nail Grinders for Cats

Casfuy 2-Speed Nail Grinder

Casfuy 2-Speed Cat Nail Grinder

An effective grinder that uses an advanced diamond drum bit for precise grinding. Even the thickest of nails should not be a problem. 

You can choose from 2 speeds. This device features and adjustable low-high speed design that supports heavy grinding. 

It has 3 ports. Chose the port that best fits Kitty’s paws. 

Does your furry friend gets startled by white noise and vibrations? Then the Casfuy grinder is for you. Its powerful motor uses whisper-quiet technology to produce low vibration. 

The cat nail grinder is rechargeable and portable. It has a USB cord included for charging. 

The indicator light on the bottom turns on when charging. Its built-in battery lasts 2 hours after a 3-hour charge as stated by the company

It is light and easy to carry on your trips. 

Available in black and white

Pros Cons
Great value for moneyNo dust collector included
Grinds even thickest of nails
Whisper-quiet technology for low noise
Recommended by vets and pet grooming professionals
Lifetime warranty

Dremel PawControl 7760-PGK Nail Grinder

Dremel PawControl 7760-PGK Cat Nail Grinder

Dremel is a reputable brand known for its rotary tools including cat nail grinders. 

It comes in a grooming kit with 9 accessories including a patented EZ nose cap for many grinding options. The ON/OFF variable speed slide switch allows for precise control during grooming.

The grinder runs on a rechargeable 4V battery. The packaging includes a USB charger and a 5V power adaptor. It takes about 2 – 3 hours to fully charge the grinder before its first use. 

Dremel Nail grinder features a 45-degree nail guard for optimal nail trimming angle. This is especially helpful for novice groomers. You don’t have to worry about cutting too close to the quick. 

It has an ergonomic handle and soft grip material to make the trimming session easy.

Pros Cons
Variety of accessories includedRelatively pricey
Nail guard for safe trimming
Ergonomic handle and powerful battery
2 year warranty

Casifor Professional Nail Grinder

Casifor Professional Cat Nail Grinder

Casifor nail trimmers come with an advanced diamond bit grinder precise claw grooming. 

Did someone say endurance? The company promises 10-hour working time after a 3-hour full charge. That is more battery life than the other grinders. 

The USB included allows charging from the laptop, AC, or power bank. 

The nail grinder uses a high-quality motor. Its torque has calibrations to keep the vibrations low.

One thing that makes it different from the rest is its speed regulation technique. The other grinders use a 2-speed switch to alternate between high and low speed. This device employs a stepless speed regulation switch. This way the user can adjust the grinder to the desired speed according to the nail hardness. 

Pros Cons
Long battery lifeSome wish a wall attachment was included to make charging easy.
Stepless speed regulation
Powerful and quiet motor
Powerful battery
3 ports to fit all kinds of pets

Oneisall #B95 Pet Pro Nail Grinder

oneisall Cat Nail Grinder

The handles are easy to grip without any particular effort. 

The vibrations and noise are very low, not to scare your feline friend while trimming.

Comes with a rechargeable and long lasting battery. The company promises 2 hours of uninterrupted use after a 3 hour full charge. A USB charge cable is also in the package.

You can adjust between high or low speed – depending on the claw thickness and level of grinding required. 

This device has 3 ports to fit different-sized nails.

Available in black and white.

Pros Cons
Most AffordableNo dust collector included
Sleek design and lightweight
Long lasting battery
Amazingly quiet

HeiYi Nail Grinder

HeiYi Cat Nail Grinder

Equipped with a diamond bit grinder and powerful motor for accurate trimming. 

The 3 ports cater to the varying nail sizes. 2 speed switch allows you to alternate between trimming and smoothing.

Its long lasting battery can last 5 hours after 1.5 hour charge as stated by the manufacturer. 

You can use the USB charging cable to connect to either the laptop, AC adapter, or power bank. 

The grinder uses whisper-quiet technology to produce very low noise.

Pros Cons
Powerful motor and grinding bitNot ideal for very thick nails
Low noise and vibrations
Powerful, long-lasting battery
Recommended by vets and pet grooming professionals
Lifetime warranty


My top pick for the best cat nail grinder is the Casfuy 2-Speed Nail Grinder. This product is all-rounded. Its advanced diamond bit ensures precise trimming. 

The device has Kitty’s comfort in mind. It uses whisper-quiet technology to ensure low noise and vibrations. Its advanced 2-speed switch allows us to alternate between rapid trimming and smoothing. Not to forget the 3 grinding ports to accommodate varying nail sizes. 

The cat nail grinder is as light as a feather. You won’t have a problem taking it with you on your travels.

Oh, and did I mention it’s vet recommended? Yeah, you read that right. You definitely get great value for money with all these awesome features.

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